Colour Feature: The Perfect Palette

Dispel some of the mystery around choosing a colour & material palette for your kitchen, utility, wardrobe or any interior space. Get inside tips from our design team and feel confident to pull a scheme together.
Solutions for Awkward Kitchen Corners

Solutions for Awkward Kitchen Corners

For many of our clients, making the most of awkward corners is a priority. Unless your space is quite substantial and your cabinetry simply runs along one wall, you will have a corner to work with. We have been finding solutions for these kinds of spaces for years and...

Choosing the Perfect Handle

Choosing the Perfect Handle

Choosing a handle for your kitchen, wardrobe, vanity unit or utility room can sometimes feelwell & truly overwhelming. If you have made decisions about layout, door material, colour,worktops…choosing a handle can feel like just too much! Combine that with being...

We’ve definitely seen a change in how our clients feel about home. 2020 has changed our relationship with where we lay our head at the end of each day. It’s become the place we cook, eat, work and entertain ourselves. We are beginning to see colour differently too, we see how powerful it can be and how we can harness that power in our homes.

For the design team here at JD Kitchens & Interiors, one of our very favourite stages of a project is putting together a colour and material palette. Sometimes colour isn’t at the forefront of our client’s minds, but we find they know how they want to feel, so that’s where we start. 

Design tip: While we have our favourite, tried and tested colours, if we’re painting your cabinetry we can match any colour you have in mind. There are no rules and no limits.

A lush, rich palette for an outdoor loving family

Coco Chanel famously said “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” We think this applies to interior spaces too, there is no wrong colour, what matters is that it makes the space feel the way you want it to.

Start with how you want the space to feel, what style you want. Is it a classic timeless feel, or something more contemporary or industrial perhaps? Are there existing features in the room you need to work with? How much natural light is there? Here are a few of our inside tips:


Are there any architectural details you want to reference, or are you starting with a clean slate, perhaps using colour to bring interest? When bringing materials and colour together, be sure to consider them on the vertical and horizontal plane, depending on how they will appear in the room. For example, worktop & flooring materials will be on the horizontal while handles and cabinet colours will typically be on the vertical. 


Our perception of colour can change dramatically depending on light too, so consider your choices with that in mind. Every room will have it’s own quality of natural light; if the room faces north the space will have a more consistent cool quality while a south facing room can become almost unbearably bright, flooded with strong sunlight. Southerly light can wash out lighter colours. Light in east & west facing rooms will change throughout the day, so bear this in mind when choosing your colour palette. If you struggle to make sense of it, ask our design team for help. 

Monochrome kitchen, becomes part of the architecture.


Carol Glover-O’Connor, Senior Designer and Showroom Manager here at JD KItchens & Interiors says “While there are no rules about how to pick your colours, I always advise clients to choose their flooring first. It makes a big impact on how your space will feel and once you’ve chosen timber, laminate, stone, concrete, you can then start building up the layers of your colour & material palette.” So, consider how you want your flooring to work. Will it be a feature, or do you want it to be a background material, setting the scene for cabinetry?

Striking colours create a confident inspiring space.

Embrace Colour

Colour is powerful, feel free to embrace strong tones and refine your palette, reducing the number of materials and colours so the space feels more refined. Bringing luxury and comfort into your home can be done in many ways and strong confident colour is one. Think about how you want the room to feel; is it to be a bright, calming space or a dark cosy adult space? Painting walls & cabinetry in the same or very similar tones can make the room feel more spacious.

Complementary, gentle tones create a spacious comfortable space.

Design tip: Lift bold colours with striking handles, We love to bring warm brass & bronze tones together with striking dark cabinet colour.

Whatever your style; Scandi chic, rich nostalgia or period elegance, play with the options and ideas to find what gets you giddy with excitement. You don’t need bold colour to bring your personality into the space. Calming shades will bring depth and warmth too, it’s simply a matter of finding what speaks to you. 

When you see our cabinetry; made by hand or carefully produced in the highest quality German factories, you’ll see the difference immediately – uncompromising quality, bespoke design and real luxury that’s accessible to all.