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Choosing A Colour Scheme For Your New Kitchen

Deciding on the colours for your kitchen is about much more than just choosing your favourite shades.

But how do you choose the perfect colours to make your kitchen a space you love, that has the wow factor and that you are truly proud of? What colour scheme should you opt for when refurbishing your kitchen? At first glance, this can seem quite a daunting task. However, by taking certain things into consideration, it becomes a lot easier.

What are the most common colour schemes for kitchens?

Three different types of colour schemes are often used in the kitchen. The first is the tonal scheme, which uses different tones in one colour family. This can either create a traditional look or an ultra-modern look, depending on which colours you choose. On the other hand, you can make a monochrome or muted look by using different tones on the units, worktops, and walls.

You can achieve harmony in colour by choosing colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel. This is the second type of colour scheme for kitchens. Referred to as harmony, it will give you a colour scheme which complements each other but doesn’t create too much of a contrast. For example, grey, white and light blue create a modern, smart look with lots of appeal.

A kitchen with a tonal colour scheme, showing different elements painted in various shades of cream and greys.
There are three different types of colour schemes which might work for you, such as the tonal colour scheme.

The third colour option is a complementary theme, which is bolder and makes more of a statement. The contrast is significantly greater and more obvious with a complimentary colour scheme. For instance, using white units with dark walls or flooring might make a bold statement. As an alternative, you may combine light-coloured units and walls with a statement piece that stands out, such a kitchen island or an oven.

A black and white kitchen, designed in a modern style. The floor is black, and the cabinets are white with a black, quartz counter top.
Choosing your kitchen colour scheme can depend on the type of space your kitchen exists in.

Things to consider before you choose your kitchen colour scheme

Any colour scheme may be used in any area, but before selecting one, you should carefully evaluate the room’s size, shape, and amount of natural light.

Be careful when choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen if it is narrow or has a low ceiling. Dark colours will make the room appear smaller than it actually is. This is particularly true if your home receives little natural light. In this case, you should select colour combinations that include light tints. This introduces white elements that will make the area appear brighter. Don’t completely avoid darker colours in smaller rooms; it is just a matter of being careful not to go overboard with them.

If you have a big kitchen, you can have the option to predominantly use darker tones, particularly if you also have a high ceiling and get a lot of natural light. Dark colours certainly allow you to have fun and experiment more. 

Still unsure what kitchen colour scheme will work best?

Whatever your choice of colour or colours, given the myriad of colours available to us, you can always create something truly unique to you. Ultimately, whether you have a favourite colour or one that holds sentimental value, choosing the colours for your kitchen is largely down to personal preference. At JD Kitchens, one of our favourite conversations with our clients is the colour conversation! We believe, working with our clients, we have created some truly beautiful rooms. Here’s a small selection of our favourite colour choices for kitchens.