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Solutions for Awkward Kitchen Corners

For many of our clients, making the most of awkward corners in a fitted kitchen is a priority. Unless your space is quite substantial and your cabinetry simply runs along one wall, you will have a corner to work with. We have been finding solutions for these kinds of spaces for years and no matter the challenge, there’s always a way to make the most of your space.

First steps

The first step is looking at the space and assessing what you’re working with.

The shape of the corner cabinet is a good place to start. Is it an L-shape and if so, what size? Is it rectangular, with just one door, also known as a blind corner? What other cabinets do you need to fit in around this corner? What space are you left with?

What’s the answer?

If all this sounds like mumbo-jumbo, fear not. Our design team have years of experience in figuring out solutions, so you don’t have to go it alone. Read on to see some of our favourite solutions.

For blind corners, or rectangular spaces accessed by just one door, we’re big fans of mechanisms that bring the stored items out for easier access. There are several to choose from, some working better for crockery and heavy electrical equipment, others doing a brilliant job of storing food.

We use high quality German mechanisms from Kesseböhmer that have long lives and can take 25-35kg per shelf. Perfect for heavy items, these mechanisms make awkward reaching a thing of the past.

Sometimes it’s Simple

When L-Shaped corners arise, a ¾ circular carousel mechanism is an option, but we prefer a simpler solution. Shelves fitted in a staggered fashion provide easily accessible storage and are perfect for larger appliances that may not be used all that often

As there are two doors on the cabinet, the opening is wide and much easier to get at than a blind corner.

Many mechanisms are available in taller versions too, so if a tall cabinet runs around a corner, this may be a viable option. Of course, a corner pantry decked out with smart shelving and spice racks often works out best.

When you see our cabinetry; made by hand or carefully produced in the highest quality German factories, you’ll see the difference immediately – uncompromising quality, bespoke design and real luxury that’s accessible to all.