Our Guide to Kitchen Carcasses

Our team of designers, cabinet makers and fitters have been working with cabinets of all sorts for decades. Sometimes we forget how much knowledge is in our heads and how materials and manufacturing methods have advanced since we first started sketching designs. In the showroom, our small design team are often asked about materials used […]

Planning Your New Kitchen

What should you keep in mind when planning your new kitchen? How can you make the most of your space? What information should you have ready when consulting with our design team? We’ve listed 5 key themes to help get you started. Plan for the Household You Have. Think about how many people will typically […]

The Complete Guide to Contemporary Kitchens in Ireland

    Kitchens in Ireland come in many forms. While most kitchens will have common elements, such as sink, oven, hob and fridge, how those elements combine with cabinetry, materials and colour can vary widely. Many of us consider modern and contemporary kitchens to be one and the same, however this is not the case. Modern […]

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Handle

Choosing a kitchen handle for your fitted kitchen, fitted wardrobes, vanity unit or utility room can sometimes feel well & truly overwhelming. If you have made decisions about layout, door material, colour, worktops…choosing a handle can feel like just too much! Combine that with being bombarded with ideas online and it’s enough to turn your […]

Solutions for Awkward Kitchen Corners

For many of our clients, making the most of awkward corners in a fitted kitchen is a priority. Unless your space is quite substantial and your cabinetry simply runs along one wall, you will have a corner to work with. We have been finding solutions for these kinds of spaces for years and no matter […]